Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nanee's review- The Secret Seeker's Society and the Beast of Bladenboro by J.L. Hickey

All though this isn't normally a story for me to jump at...I loved it !!! I will now open up my reading horizon. J.L. Hickey writes an amazing story. So much imagination, it reminds me of a Harry Potter story with the secrets within the walls of their society. This book once you start you better plan to be there a while reading because it's very hard to put down...absolutely love Hunter and Elly, the kids who lost their parents and have to move away, away from friends and everything they thought they knew of their parents. . They know nothing of their new guardian, never met him and don't know where he lives or anything about him. They are thrown into a world with secret passageways to amazing mystical creatures. Their first night at the mysterious mansion they meet new people, hear strange noises and are locked away in their room for days ....before I ruin any more. This story has twists and turns and such amazing writing....also love uncle Joe and of course Margot...can't wait to read the second story....absolutely would recommend this book...FIVE STAR REVIEW

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