Thursday, April 18, 2013

 Ruby Blue book one of this amazing series...this author has such a great imagination, fairies , dragons mermaids are just some of the exciting creatures you'll meet. .... When I first started reading this book It was not my usual choice for a story to read but it soon had me hooked , although some of the phrases Ruby and her BFF Jeremy used at first were alittle strange such as : Sweet Stars Of Mars and Shagtastic, I actually started quoting and using them myself I do have to say although I'm older now I do have a strange fascination for all color converse sneakers so I'm definitely a fan of Ruby.

This story takes you on a wild ride through Rubys life (she sees fairies and has since she was five) she not only sees them they are part of her life and BFF circle. Jeremy is the only other human who knows all about them and how Ruby is apart of their secret world . Ruby got her name from her mother who is obsessed with the wizard of oz , which in turn gets her called Kansas by one of her fairy friends Brennan (Love Brennan). Ruby is on a magic journey to save her friends and herself from a evil dragon who just so happens to give her powers ...very exciting story and once you read one you'll want to keep reading to see where Rubys journey will go ... 

~ Nanee

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