Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blue Dust : Forbidden (Blue Dust #1) by Katy Krump Review ~Kami

Blue Dust : Forbidden (Blue Dust #1)


Kerry is on the run. She changes her appearance and her identity and then becomes Donna. She then meets Adam. Donna/Kerry is actually Qea (Pronounced Kee-ah) and she is from another planet. The “blue dust” from the title refers to the planet Qarntaz 7 where Qea lived, though it isn't the planet where she was born. She was born on Qarntaz 3. Qea is a forbidden child and has visions of the future. Because of the population, people are only allowed to have two children, Qea is the third child, which made her forbidden. The forbidden children are supposed to be killed at birth or they are sold as slaves or sold to warlords and turned into child soldiers and sex slaves. The storyline is really intriguing. The writing grabs you immediately and thrusts you into Qea's world. I like how tough she is. I was enjoying reading about Qea and Adam's adventures. I thought the tone of the story was really good. 5 stars. 

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