Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chasing Sam (Vegas mate # 1)

Chasing Sam (Vegas mates #1) by Krystal Shannon 

This is not your everyday shifter story. Sam and Chase both heading home to visit with family, run into each other at the airport, when they touch sparks fly and their wolves know they met their mate...but life isn't that easy. Sam is from a noble bloodline and is expected by her 25 birthday to be hunted by potential suitors who best fit into the status of the Demakis family and who will be excepted by her father. Whoever catches Sam and marks her is who she'll be mated to for life. Sam frustrated wants to marry her mate, not be stuck with someone she doesn't love and be unhappy like her mother. She wants a life not to be involved in politics of her bloodline. In order for Sam and Chase to be together and mate, Chase has to join in the hunt this story a lot , a different take on the typical shifter stories. highly recommend this story. 4 stars

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