Monday, April 15, 2013

Hell's Gate by Benjamin Daniels Review ~Kami

Hell's Gate


Armageddon happened and it is Hell on Earth with Demons and Angels alongside the human beings left behind after the Rapture and druids. Ben Daniels really has a way with words. His writing is really interesting. “The way she walks is almost like seduction without saying a single word.” “I can sit here and look at her all day and never grow bored.” I really liked the descriptions of what the female characters were wearing. Cole is not a perfect protagonist, he doesn't want to fight in a war, he just wants to be left alone. I also liked that he doesn't have a perfect physique, he has a four pack instead of a six pack. I thought this made him more relatable as a character. The beginning is a bit slow as the author sets the story and then BAM things start getting exciting. It took me to about halfway through to start getting into it, but then I was definitely hooked. 4 stars.

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