Sunday, January 27, 2013

Too Stupid To Live by Anne Tenino

If you loved Whitetail Rock as much as I did you have to read this book....if you didn't read it ...READ IT!!!!! Nik and Jurgen are back but this story is about Nik's best friend Sam and his love life or lack there of...You can't help but love Sam and is sense of humor and his love of heterosexual romance novels, always dreaming of a happily ever after. In comes Ian this ( just getting out of the closet bad ass ex firefighter rugby player built like everyone's dream) who isn't looking for love, only one night stands until he meets Sam and sparks fly. This is a great M/M romance. Anne Tenino is a wonderful story teller and cast of characters you can't help but get attached to and love....I love this story....

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