Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nobody's Angel (Earth Angels #1) by Stacy Gail Review~Kami

Nobody's Angel (Earth Angels #1)


I was gifted an ARC copy of this from the publisher.  January 21, 2013 Carina Press. Investigative reporter Kendall watches an anchorman colleague attack an anchorwoman and then kill himself during a live broadcast. Before Dave went crazy, his eyes turned white. A hospital workers' eyes change color right before he attacks Kendall. A masked man, The Guardian Angel with hands on fire rescues her. A phantom is possessing people and hunting Kendall, Zeke is trying to stop it. Kendall has an immediate lusty reaction to Zeke. Kendall has a spark of psychic ability that allows her to see part of the supernatural world. “She wouldn’t stop until he was restless and incomplete without her by his side, until he couldn’t sleep unless he had her for his pillow, and his blanket, and his safe harbor.” This is a fun, erotic, romantic read and I liked it a lot. 4 stars.

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