Monday, January 14, 2013

Thumped (Bumped #2) by Megan McCafferty Review ~Kami

Thumped (Bumped #2)


This is the sequel to Bumped. There is a virus that stops women from reproducing sometime between 18 and 20 years old. Teenage girls are encouraged to 'bump' or get pregnant and continue the species. “...most prolific, eighteen-year-old, Zorah Harding, sadly announced that the Virus had finally claimed her uterus and she would not be delivering baby number eleven after all.” Melody is a professional surrogate who was contracted at 13-years-old. For some reason artificial insemination doesn't work and girls have to get pregnant the old fashioned way. Kind of The Handmaid's Tale but they are teenage girls. Harmony lives in the religious commune in Goodside, her twin Melody lives in Otherside. Harmony is pregnant with twins fathered by professional sperminator Jondoe. Harmony is married to Ram who is gay. Melody is also pretending to be pregnant with twins. She is in love with Zen, who she could never 'bump' with because he was too short and not aesthetically pleasing enough to father her child for sale. But now Zen has grown four inches and now can freelance. “He's a free agent. … He can sperminate anyone he wants to.” Melody, Jondoe and Ram rush to Harmony's side to rescue her from the Elders of Goodside. “They love their God and they love their guns. They will shoot you first and pray for forgiveness later.” This is a well written, quick read with a disturbing subject that takes the idea of idolizing teenage pregnancy a step further. I was liking this one a lot more than I liked the first book. 4 stars.

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