Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mark of the Princess and Blood of the Sorcerer by B.C. Morin Review ~Kami

Mark of the Princess (The Kingdom Chronicles #1) by 

This book was gifted to me by the author for an honest review. Thank You!

The headstrong Princess Alannah Meira literally runs into Prince Kaleb of Talom. The faeries are born with marks that symbol their lineage, their family crest and magical abilities. Alannah has a mark on her back that no one can understand. Kaleb is immediately attracted to Alannah and goes back to Meira to seek her out. Jealous of Kaleb's interest in Alannah, Celina who has her own sights set on Kaleb is approached by the evil Maligo. Alannah is captured by Maligo. Tristan, Kaleb, and Evyette go off to rescue her from his evil clutches. Dragons, centaurs, drows and trolls, oh my! When Alannah meets Brennus things start getting interesting. I didn't really like Alannah at first. She is very pampered and weak. I only liked her halfway through when she starts showing some spunk. I liked Tristan and Evyette's characters better. Kaleb also seemed one-dimensional to me. There were a lot of problems with this book in the beginning, sometimes predictable and derivative and I didn't start getting into the story till 100 pages into it. But towards the end I was really liking it. Alannah and Brennus have adventures. Evyette has a secret heritage. Maligo is starting a war. There is a lot of adventure and excitement. So the story redeemed itself to me in the end. I am curious to see what happens in the next book. 4 stars.

Alannah and Brennus are in Anrad. Evyette, Kaleb and Tristan are going to Caelestis. Alannah is torn between loving Brennus and Kaleb. Adding to the complication is that Brennus is bethrothed to Isibeal. Alannah and Evyette spend a lot of time in the story training with their perspective teachers. Meanwhile: “Maligo seems to have succeeded in raising Samil himself.” Evyette continues her quest to find the truth about herself. Isibeal is hiding her own secret. Things are heating up between Tristan and Evyette. I wasn't liking this one as well as I did the first book. Alannah is stronger, which I liked, and not so pampered but her 'star crossed lovers' relationship with Brennus was getting a bit tedious. Brennus' promise to his father and his duty matter so much to him that he won't allow himself to be with Alannah. Isibeal doesn't really want to be married to Brennus either but again her duty and the will of her king comes first. Evyette's history is revealed and Maligo and Samil capture her. Kaleb's character is pushed to the side and his feelings don't really come to the forefront. I thought there should have been some more descriptive 'show not tell' going on when it came to Kaleb's feelings. The action is pretty good but the characters just come off as cold and I couldn't really become too involved in their lives. The writing at times was really strong, even stronger than the first book but I wanted more connection with the characters. 3 stars. 

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