Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers #2) by Rachel Vincent Review ~Kami

My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers #2)


This is the sequel to My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers #1) where Kaylee discovered she is a bean sidhe or commonly referred to as banshee. She does a lot of wailing when someone is about to die. I got this off of wikipedia: "The banshee (pron.: /ˈbænʃiː/ ban-shee), from Irish: bean sí [bʲæn ˈʃiː] ("woman of thesídhe" or "woman of the fairy mounds") is a female spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. In legend, a banshee is a fairy woman who begins to wail if someone is about to die” Kaylee and Nash have been dating for 6 weeks and are at a concert. Nash's brother, Tod the reaper used to date a singer Addison Page who doesn't have a soul because she sold it to a demon. Harmony, Nash's mother is teaching Kaylee how to control her wail. This story is about the dark side of child stardom and soul trafficking. It totally makes sense to me that celebrities sell their soul for fame and fortune. Since Nash is 18 and Kaylee is 16, I think if Kaylee does give it up to him, he would be guilty of statutory rape. Also, I didn't think Kaylee should be driving and talking on her cell phone. Doesn't she know that is dangerous? Such a thing is illegal in Oregon, maybe not in Texas. Kaylee is having a hard time juggling school, work and bean sidhe business. She is trying to save someone's soul and her dad grounds her for being home late, guess she should have called him. This series is really good and I want to read the rest of it. 5 stars.

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