Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rhythm in Blue by Tfc Parks

- This book is amazing , it's  like nothing else out there, the writer captures your attention from The beginning and keeps it.  Rick Rowland a hot as hell rock star who's living the rock star life with women, booze and drugs doesn't realize he's missing something in his life until he meets Shelby in Greece preparing for his sisters wedding . Shelby a 15 year old girl to Ricks mid twenties realizes their relationship could never be anything more than friendship but he knows deep in his heart he has a connection to Shelby. She is his rock...but as life intervenes and years go by for both Rick and Shelby. Rick's life spirals out of control and his rock star life catches up to him, he's remembering his abusive father and living on the streets.  Feeling more along than ever., Rick tries to pull himself together but after a few half ass attempts at love and more booze and drugs his band mates rally around him realizing the sadness and emptiness within Rick and how he might not only loose his career but possibly his life . Realizing without Shelby he'll never have happiness but not knowing of her own tragic circumstances , He goes deeper into depression. After years of heartache and emotional issues Rick and Shelby reach out for each other in hopes that love will heal their wounds. This book is like a  roller coaster that brings you down but builds you back up with so much emotion . Love this story, the author writes in such a way you feel part of Ricks and Shelby's life and feel for them, their sadness and happiness. Very touching story

~ Nanee

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