Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Revelations of the soul  ( Guild series #2 ) by J.L. Vallance 

This story like book 1 - Deep into the soul was amazingly written the characters just get better and better as the book continues. Vivi has Calum with her loving her and protecting her but she senses things are not what they seem and something important they are not sharing with her. Vivi learns secrets as the book continues about a grandfather she didnt know she had and more secrets that lead her to believe even though she trusts the Guild and its now her home,  they still aren't answering all her questions and there are important secrets being held from her. Her nightmares continue to get worse, then her life changes and she's kidnapped by the Daemonium with the help of someone within the guild. Here within the Daemonium world she learns about her gifts and how to harness them and fight with them. She has one ally who keeps her safe but she can't fully trust and will never trust in the world of Daemonium she learns more secrets that the Guild were hiding from her and doesn't understand why. Vivi escapes with some help and finds herself back with Calum and the guild but as her questions mount no answers are revealed to her until she cracks and she begins the search for answers on her own. 

Love this story the author has such a great imagination and brings the reader into the story and doesn't release them until the ending begging for more...highly recommend this read and this series....terrific! I cannot wait until book 3...  


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