Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cindy Sprigg Short Stories Review ~Kami



These short stories were gifted to me by the author for an honest review. Thank You!

Alien spores are changing Cathy's unborn child. I have only ever heard the term “roundheels” before from my mother. I think that is a 50's saying to describe a so-called “loose” woman. She wears roundheels so that if you tip her over she falls flat on her back. This is a creepy and clever little story. It begins with Cathy's disgrace and ends with an alien invasion. Short but satisfying. 5 stars.

An old woman walks into a tavern and tells a group of horror buffs a story. She tells a story about an ancient alien looking for revenge on humanity. An interesting little tale that is not as gory or creepy as other Sprigg's works that I have read. Mayeria comes across more sad than threatening to me. Or is it just me that feels sorry for the ancient alien? 4 stars.

Susan likes horror stories and likes to put herself into scary, unsafe situations for the thrill. This was an excellent little ghost story. The way the story comes together gave me chills.5 stars.

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