Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Beautiful Forever (Beautiful #2) by Lilliana Anderson Review ~Kami

A Beautiful Forever (Beautiful #2)


This book takes place right after the first in the series A Beautiful Struggle. Elliot is a personal trainer. Elliot is going to London on a three month work visa. He sees a pretty girl, Paige on the plane. Paige is tough, self-assured and independent. Elliot is very courteous and mannerly. Paige tells Elliot that she isn't interested in getting involved. Paige is very emotionally closed off. She doesn't want to share herself with anyone and she hates talking about herself. Paige is afraid of her past and won't allow herself to get close to anyone. This is such a well written erotic romance. I really liked the first book, but I think Lilliana has outdone herself. This book is amazing. I love the characters so much.  “I think I have I loved you since before I even met you.” “I need her like I need air to breathe, and I’ll be damned if I ever let her go again.” This book started out a little slower than the first one but then it takes off with a bang and I couldn't stop reading it. With a hundred pages to go, I was a nervous mess, chewing my finger nails, sitting on the edge of my seat. Must keep reading and know what happens! I was so tempted to skip ahead. I resisted, but then when I was reaching the end, with four chapters to go, I didn't want to continue reading because I didn't want it to end. Why must you torture me so, Lilliana?! I had such a tumult of emotions reading this book. I oohed and ahhed. I cooed. I swooned. I got tears in my eyes and I laughed out loud. A truly amazing book! 5 stars.

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