Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't Kill Dinner (The Rules #1) by Jennifer Martinez Review ~Kami

Don't Kill Dinner (The Rules #1)

Kenna moves to New Orleans to become an actress instead she works at Cafe du Monde where she meets Arthur. The three rules of being a vampire: “Don't Kill Dinner. Don't feed from people you know and don't tell anyone.” The plant nightshade protects them from the sun. This is a quick, entertaining little read. Kenna quickly agrees to being turned into a vampire and things get interesting with vampire politics. Juicy and complicated plot twists abound. I liked the romance between Kenna and Arthur. And then when things were getting really interesting, it ends! What?! Why?! I was so getting into it and now I have to wait for another book? So unfair. Kenna does some things that I don't exactly approve of but I understand her motives. I will be interested in reading the next book. 4 stars.

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