Thursday, March 14, 2013

Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson #7) by Patricia Briggs Review ~Kami

Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson #7)

Mercy and Adam are now married. Mercy and her step daughter Jesse are shopping on Black Friday. Something has happened to Adam and the pack. They have been taken by a pseudo government agency. I love the Mercy Thompson series. I used to live in Tri-Cities and I am so unhappy that I never ran into vampires, fae or werewolves while I was there, ha ha. I remember the Tri-Cities as being pretty boring. I love this series and I am still in love with it. Usually by book 7, I get tired of a series. But this one is still going strong. It still keeps me interested enough to keep turning the page. Mercy is a great character. And I like that these books are set in the Tri-Cities where I used to live. Pretty cool to read a book with a spunky, strong female lead set in the Northwest. I live in Portland, OR now. Still haven't run into any vampires. Oh well. 5 stars.

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