Friday, March 29, 2013

Fearless (King #1) by Tawdra Kandle Review ~Kami

Fearless (King #1)


17-year-old Tasmyn has just moved to King, Florida and has started attending a new school. Tasmyn can hear thoughts except, for some reason, her Chemistry teacher, Ms. Lacusta who seems to be able to block her at least in the beginning. Later in the book, Tasmyn doesn't have trouble reading Ms. Lacusta's mind. A mean girl bullies her. Hot guy Michael swoops in to her rescue. I have mixed feelings about characters meeting and turning out to be soul mates. They meet and BOOM in love, happily ever after. It kind of seems like cheating to me for authors to use this. You want your characters to be together, so they fall in love at first sight and are meant to be together. There was a lengthy explanation of why this was happening to Michael and a lengthy explanation of Tasmyn's psychic abilities. It seemed out of character for teenagers to have such lengthy, insightful conversations. It was dragging on for me and the author was losing my interest for a bit. The reveal of black magic happenings in the town was more interesting to me. Halfway through is when this book started to get really good. I liked the action bits the best, they were very exciting. I didn't like the long exposition parts. Plus I thought the Christian undertones were a bit heavy handed. All in all, I liked the majority of it. I have the second book, so I will be sure to read that too. 4 stars.

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