Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sacred Heart Broken Series # 3 by M.L. Stephens 

This series draw's you in and keeps you wanting more ....Claire's nemesis is back but this time brought with him a coven who wants to  control the gateway between the living world and after life her recent visions she sees a male witch hoping he can help her stop Lucian and this covens control over keeping lost souls in limbo and not find the afterlife. 

Claire left Chad behind to search for this nameless face , Mr Mysterious. Claire and Chads relationship Seems forces with Chad  keeping her at arms length,  confused by this but wanting to focus on finding Mr Mysterious and getting rid of Lucian. 

In comes Hunter a mind reader with full psychic abilities  whose reads Claire's thoughts as she's searching for him in New Orleans and knows why she's looking for him as they meet he explains about himself and how he's been waiting for her forever ....I won't ruin any more of the story but it keeps you intrigued and wanting more ....of course Clyde makes a appearance which I absolutely love ...can't wait for book 4

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