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Resist Me (Change Me #1) by A.O. Peart Promo ~Kami

RESIST ME (Change Me/McCoy Raven Brothers #1)

BookOne in the steamy NA romantic thriller/suspense series Change Me (McCoy RavenBrothers). All books in this series are standalone and can be read in anyorder.
Publication date: August 31, 2014

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One fateful morning changeseverything.

Lisbeth, the lone eyewitness of a shocking murder, believes theFBI witness protection program may be the only way for her to survive. But whena powerful explosion reduces the safe house to ashes, killing all of the FBIagents on duty, will she turn to a perfect stranger for help?

Ethan, an ex-Marine-turned-firefighter, has never really caredfor any woman. He lives his life to the fullest, enjoying the bad boy stigmaand cultivating a particular taste for dominant sex. Girls come and go, allowedto stay only long enough to satisfy Ethan’s wild appetite.

One morning at dawn, Ethan’s fire brigade is called to afatal house explosion that levels the structure. When he pries open a trap doorto the hidden panic room under the house, he finds a gorgeous, thoughdisheveled brunette. Lisbeth instantly turns Ethan’s world upside down, andhe’s overcome by the burning desire to protect her, no matter the consequences.

This was hopeless. I was lost in her;lost in some stupid, na├»ve, childish dream. What the hell did she have in herthat none of the other women haven’t possessed? I was always in control. Always! She shattered my orderly lifeand turned my neatly composed world upside fucking down! This couldn’t behappening. This had to stop. I wasn’tlooking for any changes, for any altered way of living. But here came MissDifferent and kicked everything I so meticulously worked for to the curb.
I paced around my bedroom, swearingquietly under my breath, clenching and unclenching my jaw. I stopped by thewindow and deliberately looked at her. She appeared so soft and small, wrappedin that towel. So alone; all on her own out on that dock. Lonely…
Stop thatfucking nonsense! Ichastised myself. She’s a grown woman, not that sixteen-year-old Afghan orphan kid!
I sat heavily on my bed, my eyes squeezedshut, my head in my hands. But I wasn’t thinking of Najia. All my thoughts werewith Lisbeth. She wasn’t a child that needed protection, but a grown woman,although she needed protection too, and I offered it. Why couldn’t I simplyprovide only what I offered andnothing more? I had nothing more to give. Or did I?
Why would I want her for myself? Therewere dozens of willing women, waiting for one smile, one word from me;experienced women who knew what the guy like me desired. They were eager togive to me anything I ever required of them. They liked to serve me, to pleaseme, to satisfy all my sexual needs. She, on the other hand, was completelygreen, I was sure of that. I could sense it. Why would I even want to bother?She would probably just get scared off when she learned how I liked things inthe bedroom.
I got up to my feet and went to thewindow. Again. Fuck. She was a magnet, luring me, possessing me. Me, who hasnever succumbed to a woman’s charms for longer than a few nights. No matterthan I knew her only for two days. I already realized she was going to be myundoing—if I let her. 
I turned my back to the window as anotherthought struck me. Maybe we should do it, to get that crazy attraction out ofour systems? Maybe that was only a freaky fascination? A whim? Hormones goingawry? What would she say to that? No, I didn’t want to. I knew better—shewasn’t like the others. I shouldn’t let her close to me.

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