Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Hot Cauldron by Lachelle Redd Review ~Kami

The Hot Cauldron


This is a collection of short stories.

At the End of Her Whip is about an investigation into an apparent suicide.

In Burned Secrets, Viola, travels back home because her mother and grandmother died in a house fire set by Viola's mother. “The trip would take her through the small rundown towns in the back woods of Mississippi where having one red light to the entire town was the norm and if you saw a dollar store
you were really uptown.”

In Another Day at the Office, Dillan meets Chase who delivers funeral supplies.

The Wedding Nite is a creepy little tale about a cursed bride.

In the story The Next Room, Maggie has writer's block.

In the story Whelan Castle, Amilya and Thad are getting married.

In The Sulfur Springs Coven, Lady Ella Mae Ross is dying and tells a story.

Curse of the Blue Diamond starts with Tucker and Kendall building a fireplace and then Kendall finding an old diary.

The Hunger is the story of a post-apocalyptic world.

This collection of short stories is really good. There are ghosts, witches, curses and werewolves. A lot of the stories are very short but they are all very compelling and intriguing. The tone of the stories is at times sad and poignant and at other times creepy and filled with dread. The pacing of each story is really good. I thought they were all well-written. The characters in each story are very interesting. 4 stars.

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