Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Revenge of the Three by Tim Miller Review ~Kami

Revenge of the Three

A few years has passed since the first book and Pastor Charlie is back. He is working in a funeral home, hasn't had any visions and hasn't killed anyone lately. Then weird things happen, people die and Lucifer shows up. In the first book, Charlie had a run in with Jesus now it is The Holy Ghost who is causing problems. This book is well written and the pacing is good. I liked the first book The Hand of God (Pastor Charlie) a lot and gave it five stars because the supernatural aspects were so unexpected, they came completely out of left field and I never saw them coming. I liked that the story was so good that I didn't figure out what was happening before the characters did, like I usually do. This second book continues the action from the first book as Pastor Charlie tries to save the world in his own violent way. 4 stars

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