Monday, August 12, 2013

Family Magic (Hayle Coven, #1) by Patti Larsen Review ~Kami

Family Magic (Hayle Coven #1)


16-year-old  Sydlynn Hayle is a witch from a family of witches. Her father is a demon and her little sister has demon horns. Her uncle is a vampire. Syd just wants to be normal. In this story not all demons are evil they are just beings from “a different realm of existence”. She has a talking cat who is actually a teenage demon. And her family seems very Addams family. Syd is full of teenage angst and I found her a bit annoying. “But when you live in a family of witches, weird stuff happens, stuff which might accidentally involve the neighbors, which means a quick move in the middle of the night to a whole new state so no one gets arrested.” There are your typical teen movie plot points, football hero hot boy with mean girl cheerleader girlfriend. I thought the story was a bit trite and formulaic. I felt like I was watching a movie on the Disney channel. I wasn't really getting into the story until chapter 14 when things started getting interesting. 3 stars.

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