Friday, August 9, 2013

Legacy of the dead; Deliverance by R.D. Teun Review ~Kami

Legacy of the dead; Deliverance


A group of survivors are stuck on a roof while zombies roam below. Their only hope is to make it to a supposedly safe town called Deliverance. I have noticed that it has become common in zombie stories to center the plot around the interactions between the survivors instead of the zombie killing action. Typically it is the living that you need to worry more about than the dead. The walking dead are predictable. But your fellow survivors, those are the ones that are unpredictable and at times even more dangerous than the zombies trying to eat you. Nothing like a zombie apocalypse to turn everyone homicidal and psychotic. Also, many zombie stories center around a safe place that the survivors hear about and feel that all will be well for them if they can make it there, in this case Deliverance. The mythical mecca of a safe place often times turns out not to be the hopeful utopia that is described. These are the kind of plot points that are done many many times in zombie stories. The characters in this story are an odd bunch. I didn't find them very sympathetic at all. For a character driven story to be really good, I feel you need your story to center around some really good characters that the reader cares about. This story fell a little short of that mark for me. 3 stars.

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