Friday, August 3, 2012

Yo Ho a bloggers life for me (part 1)!

Hi guys and gals. It's that crazy book lady from Contagious Reads. I thought I would start of my stay here with an introduction of myself. My name is Lori. I loooovvveee to read books. I mean really. I read almost exclusively indie authors. I'm going to try to do a regular guest post every Friday on Indie Authors, Books and More. This week I am going to talk about what I have been reading recently.

I went on a Rhiannon Frater binge. It all started with THE LIVING DEAD BOY AND THE ZOMBIE HUNTERS! There's me in all my Justin Beiber hair'd glory holding the paperback copy I bought for my nephew! Needless to say this book is EPIC. I love it. It is meant for younger readers. I'm not talking 16 year olds. I'm talking 8 yr olds +! Did that lessen my enjoyment of this book? Afterall, I am a 20 something year old mother. NO!

Then I read THE TALE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE and THE VENGEANCE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE. Both by, you guessed it, Rhiannon Frater.

These books were absolutely breathtaking. I cannot even begin to describe them. If you like bloody, gory, dark and beautiful vampire books then pick these up. I should warn you...these are ADULT books. So parents I suggest you take a look at them before deciding they are right for your teens.

I also did an interview with the wonderful Alexia Purdy. Who wrote my favorite zompire book. REIGN OF BLOOD. see that book I am holding. I'm giving it away on my blog Contagious Reads.  Just look for the Indie Author Crush post/interview with Alexia Purdy.

I have a couple of cool beta reading projects coming up that I will share with you all when I am done with them. I am super excited to announce that I will be beta reading for Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. This is volunteer only and eagerly await anything that they send my way.

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