Friday, August 10, 2012


What's up peeps? It's that crazy book lady again! I am currently in Minnesota. Well not currently, but when this blog goes live I will be traveling to Minnesota. Scratch that. I am on vacation. Why am I going to the tropical wonderfulness that is MN. Well I am after all a midwestern girl. Iowa. One of my best friends and her husband (who is also my friend) live in St. Louis Park. It's a suburb of Minnieapolis.
I guess I should actually tell you all about myself. My name is Lori Parker. I'm a 28 year old single mother. Yes, I realize my friend Heaven and I were born 13 years apart. That's the cool thing about books. They bring everyone together. Anyway. I don't really have any new updates reading wise. I actually do but I can't talk about them.  Have you entered to win Reign of Blood by Alexia Purdy yet.
Well you can do so HERE!
Also, Check out my review of Annie Walls Taking on the was amazing!!!!

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