Thursday, August 2, 2012

1st Review:: Of Darkness & Light by Lily Crussell

                   When Elora starts being followed everywhere she goes, she assumes it's paranoia, after all, if you can't see it, it can't be real...can it? Things grow increasingly weird in Elora's world; the sound of wings, footsteps and physical attacks with no one in sight. Could she be losing her mind?
When an attractive stranger saves her from her assailant, she can't help but think he might be in on it.

Who can she trust when she doesn't even feel able to trust herself.
 Lily Crussell::
 Lily Crussell is a (currently) unpublished author of young adult paranormal romance and fantasy novels. Hailing from Buckinghamshire in England, she lives in a market town. When she isn't writing, she works full time in retail, something she is desperate to give up.Writing since her early teens, Lily doesn't see writing as a career choice, more an obsession that won't let her rest until her muses are sated. She has been known to lock herself in toilet cubicles at work, scribbling madly on scraps of paper to ensure ideas aren't lost whilst serving customers. Lily previously considered careers in Anthropology and Teaching, but found neither suited her, especially as they would mean less time to devote to write.
Not only a novelist, Lily spends her time writing Haiku and Sonnets, none of which she's had the bravery to submit anywhere as of yet.
When not writing, Lily usually has her nose in a book on subjects ranging from Geiko to Veganism, a subject she is devoted to entirely. She has a terrible sense of humor, enjoying tacky comedies, bad horrors and awful tv. She enjoys cute fluffy animals and is hoping to train guide dog puppies if she ever gets out of retail.
Her dream is to write all day, living in a dream world of her characters and only coming out of it to train the guide dog puppies and cook vegan masterpieces (the last part is unlikely though!). As a Vegan, she is active in animal welfare issues and believes all creatures deserve respect, regardless of whether they have two legs, four, wings or gills.
My Review::
4 1/2 stars!
Okay, so the first thing you should know is that I was hooked to this book! After the first couple of chapters I didn't want to put it down and finished it in a matter of days (as my sister started to read it while I was)! I love how I felt as if I was a part of the book, like I wasn't just reading it but apart of it. Also the main character Elora was so relate able! At least to me she was. And when I can relate to a character in a story it makes me never want to put it down! 
There were some grammatical errors (as I'm sure are also in this review xD). And some sentences didn't seem to make sense to me, ruining the flow of things but it happened such a few amount of times that I didn't feel right taking off a whole star.
My sister, Jazzmin, and I loved the way Lily described everything! Especially the wings. And the fact that even when Elora was doing the most boring-est things a teenager could do it still seemed exciting!
Jazzmin and I get the awesome chance to be beta reader's for Lily and just can not wait to get started! I highly recommend this book and hope that y'all get as hooked as we did. :)
~Heaven Lyanne

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