Saturday, August 4, 2012

About me :)

Today I thought that I'd tell you all about myself (can't believe that I haven't yet!).  
Well to start out my name is Heaven Lyanne Flores :) I'm fifteen years old and I am a junior in high school. I am the daughter of a single mom (<3) and have a little brother and sister. I love to read (mostly Indie books) and write more than my mother would like. So far I've finished two book's  and started about six, none of which have been published. xD I am currently in soccer and a part of a club called T.A.E.L. (Teens Against Endangered Lives). I like to help out author's anyway I can, which is why I started this blog. So if your an author and want me to help promote your book or whatever don't be afraid to ask. Ten out of ten times I'll do it. xD  
~~Heaven Lyanne 

P.S. you can also email me at 

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