Friday, August 24, 2012

Review #3..The Protectors: Damon By Teresa Gableman


The Protectors: Damon::
 Damon DeMasters is a vampire warrior who has taken an oath to protect his own kind as well as humans. As a social worker, Nicole Callahan fights for the right of every child placed in her care. Damon has been ordered to train Nicole and her colleagues against the dangers they now face. Even as sparks fly, Nicole and Damon depend on each other to protect the children of both races.


Teresa Gabelman::
 I’m a working mother of a 17-year-old, wife to my high school sweetie and peacemaker to my two mischievous mutts. I am also a huge fan of mixed martial arts, a third degree black belt in Taekwondo and watch way too much reality TV. Books that are fast reads filled with romance, humor, butt kicking men and women who can keep up with them are my favorite. I love to write and always have a story banging around in my head demanding to be told. I hope that I can do for you what authors have done for me which is take you from your reality if only for an hour or two.

My Review::
4.5 Stars!

So Teresa, being the awesome lady that she is, sent me this book to review and I just can not thank her enough!! I love it so much!
I was hooked in the second I read the first word, and not many books can do that for me. From the beginning to the end there is something that will capture you deeper and deeper whether its from Teresa non-stopping jokes or all the action something, somewhere will grab your attention and hold it till the very last word. And if you love a good Vampire book you need to, need to read this!!
Now you made be asking yourself 'if she loves it this much why the 4.5 stars?'  Well the only thing, and I repeat the only thing, I did not like about Damon was that how fast the settings change. One second everyone's in a warehouse and the next their in a car. It just got confusing for me but after a while I got used to it and read the rest of the book without a problem.
I will defiantly be reading Jared, the next installment to the Protector Series.

And thanks again Teresa Gabelman! I <3 you and your awesome book, I just can't get enough of it!

~Heaven Lyanne

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  1. Thank you Heaven. I'm so happy you liked Damon. Yes I did a happy dance when I seen this review. Woo Hoo! :)