Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rogue Planet by Steven M Moore review

This is a really interesting book. Groups of people migrating to different planets getting cut off from the rest of humanity so that their culture evolves with ancient religions, archaic and superstitious customs. The first tribe and the second tribe are at war. One planet Paradise is an ice planet, the other one Eden is temperate. Kaushal's family is murdered and he is sold into slavery. This book had a really good beginning and I was enjoying it a whole lot. Then I got really bored in the middle and had to force myself to finish reading. Kind of disappointing. I like the under dog on a quest type books usually. But I would read for awhile then do something else then read for awhile. I do like rebel forces taking down the Man but at times the writing wasn't very strong. I really liked the beginning but the middle not so much. 3 stars. 

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