Thursday, June 2, 2016

Anomaly by Caitlin Lynagh review ~ Kami


I was really confused with this book in the beginning. This is the writer's first book and there are some things that she still needs to learn as her writing matures. "Show, don't tell" is the classic rule of writing. Whether it is the be all, end all for good writing is debateable but the huge info dump at the beginning of this book was just way too much information for me to absorb. I couldn't keep track of the supernatural being's designations and purposes. That said, what I did gather was there are a group of beings who magically monitor people's lives. Kyle's girlfriend died and now her disembodied soul is tied to him. I liked Kyle and Alice's story. I started liking the book once I got through all the strange metaphysical stuff in the beginning. I did like the theoretical physics and theories about alternate time lines and parallel realities. I just feel the ideas should have been integrated differently and more organically into the prose. Somehow, smoothly blending the science and spiritual into the narrative instead of all the expository writing in the beginning. I liked the concept, the ideas and the characters. At times this book reminded me of the movie The Butterfly Effect. My favorite line from this book is: "No one knows what they’re doing really; all we can do is try to be the person we can admire in the future.’ " There were parts of this book that really got me thinking about fate and choice. Random and Purpose. 3 stars.

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