Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gaslight & Grimm: Steampunk Faerie Tales review ~ Kami

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I like steampunk and fairytale retellings so I was enjoying these 13 short stories. Just when you think that a famous fairytale can't be re-imagined anymore, someone comes up with an original idea. I liked the blend of magic and steam powered technology in the Red Riding Hood story. The three little pigs story made me giggle. Their names are Porky, Petunia and Wilbur, all named after famous pig characters, very clever. I was wondering if 'straight from the horse's mouth' was a phrase that originated from the Grimm story The Goose Girl, but I guess it was actually from horse racing. But it seemed like it since in the Goose Girl there is a talking horse. The Cinderella story is very clever.  The Nightingale is a Hans Christian Andersen story not Grimm, which confused me. The Grimm story is the Nightingale and the Blindworm. Some of the tales I wasn't familiar with, I had to  look them up. The Goose Girl, The Nightingale and The Dragon and his Grandmother. The Red Shoes is another Hans Christian Andersen story. This is my favorite line: "knowledge that the rest of the company envied her so much they would bleed pea green if poked with a pin." 4 stars.

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