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Why Yellow Jackets Can't Find The Hole by Emily Walker Review ~Kami

Title: Why Yellow Jackets Can’t Find The Hole
Author: Emily Walker
Genre: fantasy/Greek mythology
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Twenty-two young men belong to a purity group called the Yellow Jackets and Alan is trying to expose them as a fraud for a class project. I think Emily Walker is a good writer and I like her work. Her writing is usually short but cleverly crafted. I thought this story was really slow in the beginning and I wasn't sure where exactly it was going. A bunch of nerdy, virgins is kind of a strange concept to base a story around, I thought. The multiple character POV's was also dizzying. But somehow it worked and it came together as an entertaining little tale. 3 stars.

The Yellow Jackets are a group of young men in their early twenties who have taken a vow of sexual purity. But making a vow and keeping a vow is two different things. Each of them struggle in one way or the other to remain sexually unscathed. Bryant, one of the Jackets, has moved off campus from the all-boys school and finds himself neighbors to a very tantalizing beauty. Only this girl is much more than she seems, and unbeknownst to Bryant, she makes it her mission in life to take his virginity. Bryant and his roommates, in the meantime, are slowly discovering that all of their fellow Yellow Jackets have secrets. Not to mention that there’s a spy in their midst—one who is doing everything he possibly can to expose the fact that the Yellow Jackets are not as ‘pure’ as they all seem. 

Author Bio:
I adore writing about everything. Creating worlds and the complicated, tortured, sometimes insane characters within them makes me happy. I write horror, paranormal, dystopian, and the occasional rom-com. 

Living in the mountains with my red-bearded love and our cat and dog. I work at my alma-mater, am in grad school, and have a second job as a freelance writer. I am attempting to learn to crochet, I run a lot, and my Kindle is with me always.

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