Monday, January 6, 2014

Secrets (Bionics #3) by Alicia Michaels Review ~Kami

Secrets (Bionics #3)


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Dax and Gage are in disguise and on route to their mission. This book is in Gage's point of view and I really liked it a whole lot better than the first two books. I don't know why but this voice just works better. I liked that there is more back story about the apocalyptic event that happened and about the bionics. Gage has no bionic parts but he cares enough about bionics to join the resistance.Injustice is as blind as justice, and no one is safe. And if injustice can pick and choose who it targets, then I am free to choose which side I stand on.” This book ends with a Blythe epilogue so I guess there is more to this story. I thought it was a trilogy but I guess I was wrong. Just when I started to like it too. Okay, so where is book four? I am guessing it is in Blythe's point of view but this series is getting better so maybe I won't have the problems with it that I did with book one. I really do like Gage. 4 stars.

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