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Nanee's Review of Honky Tonk: Coastal Cowboys by Rain Carrington


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Book Description:

In this sequel to Honky Tonk Ethan and Hunter are in New York to see Ethan's parents who had thrown him out at 15 because of his promiscuous behavior. They like Hunter and are overjoyed when Hunter asks them for Ethan's hand in marriage but old habits die hard and Ethan comes away from his home feeling low like when he had first been told to leave. Things get worse at his old hang outs and soon all of the things Ethan had done to make himself feel like a good man are forgotten as he lets old feelings come back making him question himself and the love Hunter feels for him. 

Reggie is living in New York going to school but something is missing from his life and one night when he goes with Hunter and Ethan to a BDSM club he finds out who that something is. Drew is tied and abused and he takes Reggie's heart with one look. Drew's Master just happens to be Ferguson Kenroy, Ethan's old lover, and Fergi wants Ethan back. When Ethan and Reggie snatch Drew away from him Fergi takes Ethan to compensate. 

Cane is living in LA and longs for a Dom who can give him the love and strong hand he craves but instead meets Seth, a hit man in a mafia family who gives him so much more. When Hunter and Ethan go to LA to hide from Fergi they all learn that no one is what they seem and love runs deeper than pain.

Nanee's Review:

Hunter and Ethan I just love them as a couple, I loved book one and this book the author brings you in deeper into their relationship and family (I wanna slap Ethan's mother) and Subs finding new Doms and Doms finding love. Hunter wears his heart on his sleeve for Ethan and Ethan feels babied some times, then he feels not worthy of Hunter's  love, I thought the author nailed their relationship perfectly, their weaknesses and their ultimate love and understanding for each other. I love them together. I also love how Reggie takes control of his life and falls hard (so sweet). Caine's part was great too but there's just something about the others that draws me in further. However Seth is a sexy as hell assassin. Love how the whole town (almost) rallies around Hunter and Ethan and shows them love and acceptance when Ethan was missing, love the tokens of love Hunter gives Ethan and helps him more with his phobia's . 5 Huge Stars !!!!!!  Cannot wait for book 3.

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