Thursday, September 12, 2013

Satellite (The Satellite Trilogy #1) by Lee Davidson Review ~Kami

Satellite (The Satellite Trilogy #1)


22 year-old Grant is destined to be a satellite or a guardian angel but all he wants to do is to get back to the woman he loves, Tate. After Grant dies, his body reverts to an 18 year-old. There are Tragedies, Schedulers and Legacies. From chapter one I didn't like Grant. He is seriously annoying. Also, I didn't like that the writing is riddled with cliches. I don't like stories that after a person dies, they are put to work. I don't want to spend my afterlife paper pushing like I did in life. I would hope that my afterlife is better than my humdrum existence while alive, not worse. This story just wasn't working for me in the beginning but half way through there is an interesting plot twist that drew me into the story and redeemed it for me. 4 stars.

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