Friday, February 22, 2013

The Fire Within (The Fire of The Soul, #1) by Racquel Kechagias Review ~Kami

The Fire Within (The Fire of The Soul, #1)


Annabelle is turning 17 and she has been promised to a vampire. Anna's father is really cruel. He has said that Anna will have two suitors and then she will choose which man she will marry between Christian and Victor. Christian is a shape shifter called a skin walker and Victor is a vampire. There is considerable enmity between the two of them. There were a few editing and grammatical errors but that didn't take away from enjoying the story for me. The vampires and skin walkers are at war though other shape shifters are good. Skin walkers change shape into other people, while shape shifters take the form of animals. Christian is a very sadistic villain. He is obsessed with Anna. “Little puppets, how I long to pull your strings. Make you dance, twirl, and scream. A twisted game, we can play with three. Little puppets (,) will you play with me(?)” Some of this story was really violent. I found it pretty exciting. 4 stars.

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