Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spells (Wings #2) by Aprilynne Pike Review ~Kami

Spells (Wings #2)


This is the sequel to Wings where Laurel discovers she is a faerie. She is torn between loving Tamani the faerie and her human boyfriend David. Laurel has been summoned to attend the Academy of Avalon for eight weeks during summer vacation, so that she can get a faerie education. There she is introduced to faerie prejudice. Spring faeries like Tamani are the majority and a lower social class than she is as a Fall faerie. The Spring faeries are the help. Fall faeries are called mixers. Summer faeries are called sparklers. Winter faeries are very rare. And Spring faeries call themselves ticers. Laurel has a lot of problems with her concoctions. None of her potions seem to work out the way she wants them to. Her mother seems to be unable to accept her being a faerie and their relationship is tense. I liked the first book of this series, Wings, better than this one. Spells was starting out really slow. Over halfway through the story, it starts getting exciting with trolls and a human militia hunting supernatural creatures. Laurel is stuck between two worlds, the human world and the faerie world and she is having a hard time deciding which world she belongs in. I personally like Tamani better than David. But Laurel doesn't remember her life as a faerie, she only remembers being raised as a human. This book ends on a cliffhanger so I guess I need to get the next book. 4 stars.

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