Monday, February 4, 2013

Kickshaw Candies by R.K. Finnell Review ~Kami

Kickshaw Candies

This book was gifted to me by the author for an honest review. Thank You!

A magical boy with magical hair hears the cry of his brother. His mother tells him to save the “children of the lost ones.” She also tells him: “There are three you must find, for they will lead the way when you are unable...” Then the mother turns into a small animal. “It looked like a weasel but slightly larger, and its fur was white and sleek with a black tip of a tail.” The magical boy, Teagan, opens a candy shop. Bean Sidhe finds a changeling child, Irial. Everyone in the town eats the magical confections from Kickshaw Candies except for Liam, whose mother insists he eat healthy. Liam's mother, Molly is really strict. Magical things happen when people give Liam food.

This story reads like a magical Irish fairy tale. There is so much going on in it. The story is interesting and unusual. And it is very well written. A lot of the traditional Irish folk tales are pretty creepy and violent. Each of Kickshaw Candies' chapters is like a short, scary fairy tale.

I am not familiar with Gaelic names so I had to google a lot of the pronunciations. Ceara = Carra. Ciaran = Kearon (rhymes with 'ear' 'on'. Osán = US awn. Baile = ball-yih. Fáelán = FWAY lawn. Dáirinn = DAWR inn. Riabhach = ree-eh-vak means with stripes. Aiséirí (Ash-eye-ree) . scáth (skaw)

Even with the trouble I had with Gaelic, I really liked this book a lot. I liked the dreamy, story telling tone and I thought it was really intriguing and exciting. 5 stars.

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