Saturday, September 8, 2012

Indies On The Line: Teresa Gabelman

Indies On The Line

Teresa Gabelman

Okay so this is the questions/answers from one of my favorite ladies in the whole world! Hope you guys like it. :)

1) What is your favorite fairy tale?
         I would have to say Cinderella. That wasn't the case until I saw Drew Barrymore play in Ever After. I actually fell in love with the story after that.

    ~Do any of them inspire your writing style? 
         I guess in some way it does inspire my writing in that there is the female character who is down on her luck yet strong, not wimpy with a hot sexy alpha who tries to keep her safe from the evil villains. Okay now I want to watch that movie again. Is it on Netflix?? LOL!
    ~Do you always want a happy ending?
       I think it is important to have happy endings, maybe a cliffhanger, but a happy kind of cliffhanger. 

2)  If there was a zombie invasion on your house, what is your weapon of choice? 
       My first thought is a baseball bat to whack a zombie, but then I thought about that for a minute and decided on a gun because I wouldn't want to get that close to a flesh eating zombie. 

3)  Do you have a special routine when you write?
        I have to have my bucket, 44 oz., diet Pepsi. I do have music playing or the TV on low. I need some noise, I can't have it completely quite. I write outside as often as I can.

That was really fun! Thanks so much for the great questions!


  1. Awesome!!! I have a character that took a baseball bat type club and put some lovely spikes into it :) And my brother always says "The Baseball Bat; the greatest melee in zombie killing weaponry" :)

  2. From one pepsi drinker too another, GREAT INTERVIEW!!!

  3. From one pepsi drinker too another, GREAT INTERVIEW!!!