Friday, April 11, 2014

Nanee's Review of Misunderstood by Kathryn Kelly

Book Description:

John Donovan has been left in charge of the Death Dwellers' MC while the club president is on his honeymoon. With six days left till Outlaw's return and smooth sailing so far, trouble suddenly bubbles up. As the clock ticks, he's determined to bring everything under control.
Kendall Miller, an attorney and the ex-girlfriend of another MC president, is in deep problems. When her little sister is taken by her ex, she needs to supply information to a man who is frantic for information on the highest ranking members of Johnnie's club. When she suddenly shows up at the clubhouse and arouses the suspicions of a very handsome blond biker, she finds herself being taken as his prisoner. 
Evil is all around them. To save herself and her sister, Kendall has to rely on the man she betrayed. To save his club, Johnnie has to trust Kendall's story. Before it's too late. Because lives will be lost and hearts will be broken. 

WARNING: This isn’t an easy or light read. Please be advised. The way to Johnnie’s and Kendall’s resolution involves death, violence, destruction, a rape scene and suicide

Nanee's Review:

Wow! Kathryn Kelly did it again, she dragged me in and didn't let go until the end. This story is a emotional roller coaster, I cried, I cringed and I breathed a sign of relief when it was all over. There's a lot going on here and I couldn't help but feel involved in these characters lives.  There's just something about Johnnie that I couldn't resist, I wanted him happy, we all know how he feels about Megs and I feel for him, but we also know her and Christopher are meant to be so I wanted Johnnie to have that same happiness they have. In walks Kendall. I'm torn with her, her character was a little up and down for me, shes trying to save her sister but at the same time is a emotional wreck due to her upbringing and ex and she's damaged and hurt and what she needs is Johnnie to make it all better, there was just something missing with her. Johnnie is a knight in shining armor with Kendall and I liked them together. The story had a lot of WTF moments and I loved every minute of it. Mortician plays a larger role in this story along with Bailey K-P's daughter and its good to get to know them better. I got teary eyed many times during this story, this author sure knows how to write drama and bring you to your knees. Secrets are revealed and lives are lost but their family core is as strong as ever. When Meggie and Christopher come back from their honeymoon their family is one again. This was a great story and cant wait for Val and Zoanne's story, we learn a lot about Zoanne too. Amazing, dramatic, emotional and loving...That how I would describe this story. Love Little Man too..too freakin cute 4.5 stars

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