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Nanee's Review of Daring in Dreams by Brandie Buckwine


Forced to drop out his senior year, Nico tries to move past the loss of his parents and throws himself into the business his family built for his future, a future he's always resented. Torn between his dreams and reality, he discovers his goals might not be what his heart truly wants. 

With a new teaching career, Vera's life is neat and tidy, even if her shy nature keeps her from getting what she wants. When circumstances push her out of her home and into cohabitation with three guys from her past, the stress of living with her long-time crush, Nico, and the continued presence of a stalker, turns her tidy life upside down and makes her face a side of herself that should send her screaming. 

Despite a distant one-night stand - one she denies and he barely remembers - Vera and Nico work around an awkward friendship and learn that false assumptions may keep them from finding true love. 

Due to strong language, explicit sexual situations, and mature themes, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 

A 76,000 word novel by tfc Parks, writing as Brandie Buckwine

Nanee's Review:

I love Brandie Buckwine's stories so I couldn't wait to read this one. I absolutely loved this book, I fell for the characters right from the beginning especially Nico. I loved Nico, he's sexy, sweet, funny and did I say sexy? Vera is sometimes shy but she's cute and funny and so in love with Nico but Nico doesn't know it...this story is so unique, I loved how the writer wrote Nico and Vera's interactions in the beginning, Nico sort of remembers a hot night with Vera a long time ago and Vera doesn't remember it at all, lol. Nor does she believe it ever happened..When Vera moves in with the guys the fun begins...I love when the guys are playing a game on the tv and in walks Vera, they sit there stunned with their mouths open at what they see (I laughed so hard) . Vera and Nico are perfect for each other, I just wish they would give in to the other. Love their getting to know each other and flirty stage too. Vera's friend Grant is a little off too me (It'll make sense once you read it) don't want to ruin anything by giving too much way but you have to read this story, it is sexy as hell, funny and intriguing all in one...the way Brandie tells the story you will be dragged in right from the start..Loved every minute of this book...5 stars 

(again I want to say more but don't want to ruin anything)...Love me some Nico though!!! Hot hot hot...

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