Saturday, February 8, 2014

The three lost kids by Kimberly Kinrade reviews ~Kami

The Three Lost Kids and The Death of the Sugar Fairy (The Three Lost Kids #4) 


I have read a lot of the steamier new adult books by Karpov Kinrade but this is the first of their children's books that I have read. It is Halloween and it is Maddie's first double-digit birthday. She and her sisters are gearing up to go trick-or-treating. The three girls have a hard time finding houses that decorated and are giving out candy.  "The magic of the season is fading.” The three girls go on a quest to save the sugar fairy. This is a well written, very cute little story for ages 6 – 9. I actually enjoyed it too. This book is short so it took me about a half hour to read it. I wonder if I can convince my son to leave out candy for the Sugar Fairy? 4 stars.

It is Christmas and Bella will be turning 9 in January. Bella gets a wishing stone and makes a wish.  “I wish that every day was Christmas and we got everything we ever wanted." I have seen enough cartoons to know that it is usually a bad idea to make such a wish. This is a cute little story for ages 6 -9. I always had a hard time when I was growing up because all the protagonists of children's books were boys. I am glad that that is no longer true. Girls read too and need strong, smart, spunky female characters to read about and relate to. There is even a nice message about the true meaning of Christmas. 4 stars.

It is Valentine's Day and 7-year-old Lexie, the youngest of the Lost Kids is grumpy. “"Heartland is being destroyed by this Grey Death," Cupid said.” Like all the Lost Kids' books I've read, this one has a gentle message. Since this story is set during Valentine's Day, the message is to love one another and to love yourself. And always believe in yourself. This is the third Lost Kids' book I've read, and like the other two I've read, it is cute, well written and sweet. It is written for children ages 6 – 9 but can also be enjoyed by all ages. 4 stars.

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