Monday, December 30, 2013

The Woodlands (The Woodlands #1) and The Wall (The Woodlands #2) by Lauren Nicolle Taylor Review ~Kami

       The Woodlands (The Woodlands #1)


16-year-old Rosa lives in a dystopian society similar to The Hunger Games. There is a cruel dictator and horrible peace keepers who kill and torture any outspoken people including children who speak up against the status quo or break the rules. Rosa is different because she isn't afraid. Rosa's stepfather is cruel yet she still talks back to him. Rosa is forced out of her home. Rosa meets Joseph. There is more cruelty at the testing facility that Rosa and Joseph go to. Themes of class structures and race relations are explored. The superiors want a perfect race blended from all races. Someone with blue eyes and dark skin. This story made me feel scared and unsettled for Rosa. There are times when Rosa is happy and I just knew something bad was going to happen to her. I was so nervous for her while reading this book. She is beaten and experimented on and I just wanted her to escape so bad and find love and happiness. The writing is really good. The story is interesting. The pacing is good. 4 stars.

       The Wall (The Woodlands #2)

Yes, death would be easier. But living is what I have to do.” Joseph is in a coma and Rosa has a baby to take care of. I wasn't liking this book as much as the first one. The writing is still good and so is the pacing but I just don't like where Rosa finds herself. I like her even though she is so prickly. I want her to be happy. I don't like that she is in pain or abused. I liked the parts where Rosa and Joseph grow closer but most of the time Rosa is still grouchy and unhappy. 4 stars. 

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