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Katie's Hellion (Book I, Rhyn Trilogy) by Lizzy Ford Review ~Kami

Katie's Hellion (Book I, Rhyn Trilogy) 

Lizzy Ford 

This book was gifted to me for an honest review. Thank You!

Gabriel, lover to Death, helped sentence his friend Rhyn to Hell for something he didn't deserve. Death says that Rhyn will have to die to save humanity but that a woman destined to be his mate can change his fate. Gabriel delivers Rhyn his immortal powers and a book on how to care for humans.

Katie is having a really bad morning, she is pulled over for driving two miles over the speed limit and with a broken tail light. Then a child she doesn't know follows her and everyone insists that he is her son. Katie is a pill popping, whiskey swilling 18-year-old and she is supposed to have a 5-year-old son. When Katie left her apartment that morning, she didn't have a son, after meeting Toby for the first time and returning with him she finds that her apartment has been transformed with toys, drawings, furniture and pictures as if he belonged there, though Katie has no memory of him. Katie's sister says she is having amnesia issues and should call her doctor.

Gabriel, the death dealer follows Katie and hangs around her apartment freaking her out. He tells her that she wasn't supposed to remember her life before Toby showed up. But Katie is an immortal mate, an Ancient's mate and immune to immortal magic. 

She’d been seen by a doctor who’d been dead twenty years, was babysitting a four-hundred-thousand-year-old angel, and the grim reaper spent the night on her couch. Things really couldn’t get much stranger.”

"It’s a long story, one you don’t necessarily need to know to understand your circumstances. My brother’s people found you and identified your unique gift for…blocking their natural talents. It makes you valuable and dangerous. If our enemies find you, they can take your blood and modify the creatures who work for them to make them immune to us."

Lizzy Ford exceptionally draws the reader into Katie's story. I was fascinated by the world building and Lizzy Ford's voice. I liked how flawed Katie was, which made her more interesting.

Katie is kidnapped and thrown into Hell in the cell right across from Rhyn.

Once Rhyn claims Katie things start getting exciting. Poor Katie has a really hard time associating with these immortal demonic creatures. They are really rough with her and it seems like every two page she is bloody and beaten. But she is tough and never stops the whiskey swilling and wise cracking.

I really liked the intimacy between Rhyn and Katie, they are both so broken and flawed. Rhyn starts to thaw and care for Katie at the same time Katie wants to give him up and his world. The immortal world is too dangerous for Katie, she wants her humdrum existence back. But Rhyn is willing to fight for her and keep her safe, he just doesn't know how. This is the first book in the trilogy and I hope that by the end of the third book Katie and Rhyn end up together, happy and safe. I like the two of them and I definitely like them together. Katie and Rhyn can save each other, I just know it, if they can figure out a way to keep Katie alive and Rhyn from destroying the world. But if it was easy, it wouldn't be interesting. Five Stars.

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