Sunday, December 30, 2012

Charity moon review - This book would be labeled to me as a YA/ paranormal/romance/light religion. Without giving too much away or spoiling the plot. Charity moon was written in the first person, main character Charity Bell who seems like a typical teenage high school student until the layers of her life are revealed, she has a major well deserved chip on her shoulder and a negative attitude but you feel for her character from beginning to end and go through her emotions with her throughout the story, loosing her father she pulls strength and hope from his religious/spiritual background That gets her through the tough times. In comes Levi Drake a sexy new comer with a protective streak and sweet nature whose hiding something. As their lives intertwine love at first sight meets true love. Twists and turns and intrigue keep the story interesting and the reader wanting to keep reading. There were a few disappointments towards the middle/end with the second wives/first child being a son storyline; my opinion didnt need so much emphasis. The vampires were mentioned briefly in a story being told to Charity by Levi then brought in again then gone again, alittle too fast moving in that part with the foregiveness. Over all I would highly reccomend this story especially if your into YA paranormal. I think the author wrote great characters and the story was one you can't stop reading and in the end want more.. Can't wait to read the second story of this series.

~~ Nanee 

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