Friday, April 29, 2016

Central by Raine Thomas review ~ Kami


I am kind of cheating here because I haven't read the first book though I actually own it. No excuse there. I just really loved this cover. It is so pretty. From the description I figured out that each book of the trilogy has a different protagonist and they are sisters.  So the three sisters are half human and half magical beings with supernatural powers that live on another plane of existence. I thought that was an interesting concept. These Estilorian people were considered gods or angels in the past and they don't have emotions.  One Gloresti dude is matched with one of the girls to be her guardian protector. I sensed some romantic possibilities to come between Olivia and James.  I was confused by the terminology and felt that there should be a glossary at the beginning of the book. Parts of the book I liked but other times I was getting bored and my focus was drifting away. 3 stars.

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