Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Demon Side and The Human Side by Heaven Liegh Eldeen Review ~Kami

The Demon Side (The Demon Side #1)


The Demon Side (The Demon Side #1)

Etta and her father move into a house where a demon, Rahovart is trapped. Etta can see demons and her family thinks she is mentally ill. Etta is being tormented by a different demon. Rahovart first tries to scare the family to leave but finds it difficult since Etta can see and hear him. He becomes sympathetic to Etta's plight. I thought this was a very well written, fast read. The demon, Rahovart strangely enough cares for Etta. I found the characters really intriguing. I was compelled to keep reading to find out more about Rahovart. 5 stars.  

The Human Side (The Demon Side #2)

by Heaven Liegh Eldeen

One year later and Rahovart can't seem to stay away from Etta. Rahovart is sent to Earth as a human without any powers to win the heart of Etta. Two angels posing as human beings was pretty funny. Etta is still being tormented by demons but she has no memory of knowing Rahovert and he can't tell her who he is. I wasn't liking this one as much as the first one. I didn't like the awkward, unsure of himself Rahovart. Things started getting really exciting in the last 30 pages. “So, good girl is going to kill the good/bad guy with the help of the real good guys, who the good/bad guy assumes the good girl thinks are bad guys.” 4 stars.

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