Saturday, July 28, 2012

First of them all :)

Okay so one of the first things I should tell you is that I'm not good with writing. Well with blog's at least, so to keep you from suffering imma try to keep everything I write short and sweet. :) I am starting this blog to try to help out Indie Author's, and really anyone who love to write (published or not). Also I will be trying to post about new books that I've read and that you might not know about. So if there are any books out in this great big world that you would like me to know about and post on here just ask (I don't bite). I will also try to post about authors as much as I can. I mean come on its a must! The whole reason why I am doing this is for all the authors out there. Once again if there is anyone you want me to post about just tell me and I'll get right on it. Okay, with all that said I feel as if I should leave you before I get to rambling on about nothing. Bye for now :)

~Heaven Lyanne :) 


  1. I also am nominating you for the versatile blogger award. <3 Lori